Create a design with ordinary metal washers to decorate frames or mirrors. Spray-paint then adhere with industrial-strength glue—all it takes is a little bit of time.

Using three different sizes of washers creates a more interesting design. Start with the largest ones then work your way out. Make your arrangement before painting them with your color scheme so you’ll know how many of each color you’ll need.

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How to decorate frames using washers

how to decorate frames using washers
  • framed mirror or photo frame
  • 1″ flat metal washers
  • ¾” flat metal washers
  • ½” flat metal washers
  • spray paint(s)
  • [url href=”″ target=”_blank” title=”Industrial-strength glue”]industrial-strength glue[/url]
  • toothpick
  1. Arrange washers around the mirror or picture opening as desired. Remove and place on a protected work surface then apply your choice of spray paints. Allow them to dry.
  2. Once dry, place them back on the frame as previously arranged. Starting at the center and working your way outward, apply glue to the back of each washer then press to adhere—use a toothpick to dab glue on the small washers.
  3. Allow glue to dry several hours before hanging your frame.
To eliminate putting too much glue on the smaller washers, squeeze a little glue onto the end of a flat toothpick first then dab it on the washer.