We’re always looking for fun projects to emulate the season and decorate the home. This fall, add autumnal color and soft texture with this DIY wheat-wrapped vase centerpiece.

DIY wheat-wrapped vase centerpiece instructions
  • bundle of dried ornamental wheat grass
  • twine
  • tall cylindrical vase
  • card stock
  • hot glue
  1. Take your card stock and cut a 3” strip that will wrap around the base of your vase—wrap the card stock around the vase measuring enough room for the paper to slide off and additional space for hot glue.
  2. Once you’ve measured the card stalk, lay the paper on a flat surface and hot glue the dried ornamental wheat grass onto the card stock, applying a generous amount of hot glue at the base—make sure that the card stock is covered and completely dry.
  3. Next, hot glue the tab you’ve left open on your card stalk to complete the cylinder—remember, you should have enough room so the cylinder will slide easily over your vase.
  4. Slide the cylinder onto the vase and take the twine and wrap it 1.5” thick around the middle of the vase.
  5. Fray the end of your twine and add a dab of hot glue, press into place so that the end of the twine disappears into the rest of the twine wrappings.
Creating a cluster of three turns any one-off into a centerpiece.


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