Mix up your typical mood lighting and add a little twist with DIY apple votive holders. Consider displaying your candle holders on a nice spread of fresh leaves for extra autumnal flair.

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DIY apple votive holders instructions


DIY Apple Votive Holders Instructions
  • oil
  • large apples
  • apple corer or sharp knife
  • votive candles
  • lemon juice
  • twine
  • double-sided tape
  1. Select large hard apples. Wash, dry and polish to a shine with a soft cloth (add a few drops of oil to cloth to create a super-fine gloss).
  2. Cut section out of apples with corer or sharp knife to size of votive.
  3. Pour lemon juice into holes and let sit 5 minutes (this prevents exposed portion of apples from turning brown).
  4. Pour out lemon juice and let apples dry.
  5. Add a few drops of melted wax into holes (to hold votive in place).
  6. Insert votives and wait for wax to set.
  7. Place tape around the outside of apple.
  8. Wrap twine around apples and tie to secure in place.
Nothing is more inviting than candlelight! These fresh apple votives add a touch of autumn to any table.