You’ve spent a ton of money on your best friend’s bridal shower and now you’ve got to come up with a game or two to play. Our printable bridal shower game is absolutely free, ready in minutes and a great way to learn more about the bride.

We have two versions of this game. The ‘questions’ printable has questions already filled in. It is super fun and even a little saucy! If are you feeling creative and want to come up with, your own, then the ‘fillable’ version is for you! It’s set up with blanks so you can fill it in with your own questions.

It’s easy to get this game ready for the shower. Just download the questions or ‘fillable’ printable then print it out. There are two cards per game, so use a ruler and precision knife to cut them out. Grab a bunch of pencils to distribute to guests and it’s game on!

This bridal shower game is not only super easy to make but also a fantastic way to engage even the most reluctant guest. It’s a wonderful way in which to make each person feel comfortable, as not every guest will know one another.

Everyone will learn more about the bride and have fun at the same time. Crank up the enthusiasm by supplying a prize to the winner—you’ll discover just how competitive this crowd really is!

Printable bridal shower game

Printable Bridal Shower Game
  • ‘How well do you know the bride?’ printable (with [url href=””]questions[/url] or [url href=””]blank[/url])
  • ruler
  • precision knife
  • pencils
  1. Download the printable and open in [url href=”” target=”_blank”]Adobe Reader[/url].
  2. Type in 15 of your own questions (if you selected the blank version).
  3. Print 1 game for each attendee (there are 2 per printout).
  4. Cut printout in half using a precision knife and ruler.
  5. Hand out to shower guests and let the games begin!
Use our game idea to make your own printable for special occasions, such as an anniversary!