Whether you’re a basketball fanatic, or just married to one, this basketball sneakers invitation printable is a slam dunk.

Even better, we’ve created simple printable templates so all you need to add are the shoelaces and party details.

Printable basketball sneakers invitation instructions

Printable Basketball Sneakers Invitation Instructions
  • basketball sneakers invitation printable
  • colored card stock (in your team colors)
  • white card stock
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • glue
  • shoelaces in your team’s colors
  • color-coordinated padded envelope (optional)
  1. Open the basketball sneakers invitation printable.
  2. Type party details into text fields on second page of PDF.
  3. Print sneaker template (page 1 of PDF) on colored card stock and trim to size.
  4. Print sneaker toe template (page 2 of PDF) on white card stock with all invitation information in place and trim to size.
  5. Glue sneaker toe cutout to colored sneaker cutout. Punch holes where indicated and lace with shoelaces.
  6. Hand-deliver invitations or mail in a padded envelope.
These invites are also great for school sports events.

Basketball sneakers inviation printable