Looking for a way to get the conversation going at your next bridal shower? Download our printable bridal shower trivia game. It also doubles as a napkin wrap!

Complete your bridal tablescape with our super easy and way cute DIY lemon place cards with succulents! You’ll really wow your guests with your skills.

bridal shower trivia game instructions
  1. Download the Everyday Dishes & DIY Trivia Napkin Wrap Printable.
  2. Print and trim to size.
  3. Personalize each napkin wrap and fold around napkin, flatware and pen or pencil.
  4. Ask guests to fill the wraps with funny stories, heartwarming anecdotes and, best of all, embarrassing secrets about the bride.
  5. Put all the wraps in hat and have bride read them aloud.
  6. Have bride guess who wrote what.
What happens at the bridal shower, stays at the bridal shower!