Who doesn’t like to give (and receive!) a gift card? It’s a really wonderful present, but sometimes it seems like it’s a little impersonal. So we made a printable graduation gift card holder to add a little pomp and circumstance to a gift (albeit coveted) that some may consider lacking personality.

This graduation gift card holder is easy and looks exactly like a mini graduation cap. You can choose from two different templates. You can either print the all black cap on card stock (for a traditional look) or you can print the blank one on colored card stock to match the grad’s school colors. Create a tassel the same color as the one they’ll be wearing, insert the gift card and you just made something awesome that everyone will be asking about!

This isn’t just for gift cards either. You can place cash or a check in the cap instead. Don’t forget to include a little notecard, too, so they know who it came from!

graduation gift card holder instructions
  • graduation gift card holder printable
  • card stock (white or school colors)
  • scissors or X-acto knife and ruler
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • embroidery floss (color of your choice)
  • gift card, check or cash
  1. Download the graduation gift card holder printable.
  2. Print out the black hat PDF on white card stock or the ‘blank’ hat on colored card stock.
  3. Cut along the dotted line with scissors or an X-acto knife then cut out a small hole in the top of the hat where it’s marked (this is where the tassel will be inserted).
  4. Score and fold then glue where indicated.
  5. To create the tassel, first cut a 1″ piece of floss and set it aside.
  6. Next, wrap embroidery floss around a 1″ object approximately 10 times or as thick as you want your tassel—we used a ruler but you can use 2 fingers if you don’t have a ruler available.
  7. Slip the floss off your fingers or ruler then tie the 1″ piece of floss into a bow ⅓ from the top of your tassel. Use scissors to cut the bottom loop to create the fringe.
  8. Cut an 8″ piece of floss to create a slip knot through the top of the tassel. Feed the open end of the slip knot through the hole in the top of the hat and knot to secure.
  9. Trim the ends of the tassel to even out the fringe. Insert a gift card (or cash or check) and present to the grad!
Money is a top gift choice for new grads. This gift card holder is the perfect way to let your personality shine through!

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