Why settle for ordinary outdoor lighting when you can make your own for under $15? Our upcycled garden lights are the perfect way to turn old jars into works of art that are both beautiful and practical!

Place rubber bands of varied widths around a jar to create a design of your choice.

Have more than one idea in mind? Make several different lights and group them as a centerpiece or line them along a walkway. Once you’ve banded your jars, apply spray paint evenly, let dry then add a second coat of paint.

When completely dry, remove the rubber bands carefully. Add aluminum craft wire for hanging on a shepherd hook or a flowerpot hook for the deck. Use real candles or battery operated tea lights.

Your unique upcycled garden lights will create a welcome ambiance to any outdoor area.

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DIY painted upcycled garden lights
  1. Let jars soak in warm, soapy water to remove labels. Let dry.
  2. Decide on pattern you want on jar.
  3. Place rubber band one at a time around jar. Use rubber bands that fit snuggly to the jar.
  4. Use finger to angle rubber band, rotate jar to create even line.
  5. Place next rubber band parallel to the other.
  6. If you don’t have thick rubber bands, place 2 to 3 side by side.
  7. Continue with rubber bands until jar is covered with bands or desired pattern. Repeat for all jars.
  8. Place jars upside down on flat surface in well-ventilated area.
  9. Use a closed cardboard box to elevate jars while painting.
  10. Spray paint jars lightly and in several coats to avoid dripping. Spray entire jar and let dry.
  11. Repeat with second coat of paint and let dry.
  12. Turn jar over and carefully remove rubber bands.
  13. Wrap 2 pieces of wire around jar neck just under lid groove (see sketch to the right or click here for more detail). Be delicate while wrapping wire as the paint scratches easily.
  14. Wrap another piece of wire up and over jar for handle. Twist wire to secure and trim off excess.
  15. Decorate neck of jar with twine if desired. Keep twine away from lit candles.
  16. Secure shepherd hooks in ground. Hang jars and admire!
Our upcycled garden lights prove to be quite versatile. Swap rubber bands for stencils and you’re ready for any ocassion!