When we say these DIY printable treat bags are the easiest ever, we’re not kidding! A few basic supplies and super easy instructions will have these party favors ready in no time.

We’ve provided two free “thank you” printables, purple and blue, for you to download and print. Determine how many of each you need and be sure to check the ink levels on your printer—there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a job and running low on ink!

Print on card stock, cut out using scissors and then score along the fold using an X-acto knife. Scoring alleviates any creases or cracks that are bound to occur when trying to fold heavier weight paper, so make sure to always score before folding card stock.

Not sure how to score? Gently run your X-acto knife very lightly along the edge to be folded, using a ruler as your guide. If you’ve never tried this before, practice on scrap card stock first—it’ll give you a better idea of how much pressure to apply.

Once each flap is folded, fill 6 ½” square resealable bags with treats and novelty toys then seal closed. Place double-sided tape along the bottom edge of each flap and attach it to the top of each bag, pressing firmly to adhere. Then give out to the eager party goers!

DIY printable treat bags
  • Everyday Dishes & DIY printable treat bag
  • card stock
  • scissors or X-acto knife
  • ruler
  • 6.5″ x 6.5″ resealable bag
  • treats and novelty toys
  • double-sided tape
  1. Download the Everyday Dishes & DIY purple treat bag printable or Everyday Dishes & DIY blue treat bag printable.
  2. Print and cut out where indicated. Score and then fold.
  3. Fill resealable bag with treats.
  4. Place double-sided tape along bottom edges of the inside flaps. Attach to tops of sealed bag, pressing firmly to adhere.
Don’t panic! Use supplies you already have to make super easy DIY printable treat bags—they’re perfect for last minute favors.

these DIY printable treat bags are the easiest #PartyFavors ever