Throwing a birthday party for your little munchkin? Send the kids home with printable birthday cake boxes filled with treats or small toys. They’re a unique party favor that’s super easy to make.

You’ll want the cake boxes to be sturdy so be sure to print them out on card stock. Grab scissors or a precision knife to cut them out—don’t forget to cut a slit for the number insert that goes on top of the box.

Score along the lines where indicated. Not sure how to score? It’s easy! Lightly—and we do mean lightly—guide your precision knife along each line using a ruler as a guide. It will eliminate ugly creases that occur when folding heavier weight paper.

If you’re timid about using a precision knife for scoring, feel free to grab a butter knife—its dull blade guarantees you won’t cut through the fold too deeply.

Once scored, fold then glue or tape where indicated. Place candy or novelty toys inside the box, tape closed then insert the number on top. These party favors are good to go!

Printable birthday cake boxes instructions


Printable Birthday Cake Boxes Instructions
  • printable birthday cake boxes and candles
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • precision knife
  • ruler
  • hot glue or double-sided tape
  • treats or small gift
  1. Download the purple printable birthday cake boxes and purple candles or blue printable birthday cake boxes and blue candles and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Cut out using scissors or precision knife.
  3. Cut slit for number insert using precision knife.
  4. Score where indicated using precision knife and ruler as guide.
  5. Fold then glue or tape where indicated.
  6. Fill cake with treats or gift and tape closed.
  7. Insert number.
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