It’s warm outside and the last place you want your kids is plopped in front of the television! Make a super easy DIY tic-tac-toe game and the whole family can absorb plenty of fresh air while having tons of fun!

All you need is some scrap fabric—we used an old canvas drop cloth that was once-upon-a-time purchased at a hardware store—upcycled coasters, ribbon and acrylic paint from the craft closest.

Get crafty painting on those ‘X’s and ‘O’s. Using a stencil will ensure uniformity, but there aren’t any rules saying they have to be perfect. Then make the tic-tac-toe grid on the drop cloth using ribbon and fabric glue. That’s all there is to it!

Although this game was inspired to keep the young ones busy, it’s also a great backyard game for entertaining the big kids too!

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DIY tic-tac-toe instructions
  • 10 [url href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” title=”Cork Coasters”]cork coasters[/url]
  • acrylic paint
  • paper plates
  • foam brush
  • ‘X’ and ‘O’ stencils
  • 16″ square piece of canvas (or fabric of your liking)
  • fabric glue
  • 4 pieces of grosgrain ribbon cut into 16″ strips
  1. Pour acrylic paint colors onto paper plates and have stencils and foam brushes handy.
  2. Lay stencil on top of the coaster then carefully apply paint using a foam brush. Repeat process until you have 5 coasters with ‘X’s’ and 5 coasters with ‘O’s’. Set aside to dry.
  3. Meanwhile, smooth out a 16″ square piece of canvas onto your work surface then apply the strips of ribbon in the customary tic-tac-toe design using fabric glue. Set aside to dry.
If you don’t have cork coasters available, 2″ wood crafting from your local craft store work just as well!

Make a simple DIY tic-tac-toe game to take on the go—it’s endless fun!