Our DIY tutu is one of the easiest clothing crafts you can make. Whether it’s crafted for the kids’ dress-up closet or an adult representing at a fun run event, this DIY allows you to create any length, fullness and color scheme you like!

We opted to make an elastic waistband—there are plenty of DIYs out there that use ribbon for the waistband but elastic is sturdy, making it easier to knot the tulle and tougher for wear and tear.

We found bolts of tulle at a local discount fabric store, which offered plenty of color varieties. To make a multi-tonal design, we picked three shades of pink tulle that varied enough in hue to see the diversity of colors in the final product.

You will have to measure the waist of the wearer and get an idea on how long you want the skirt to be in order to decide how much fabric and elastic to buy—if you’re making this craft for a toddler you may want to purchase tulle ribbon instead of getting several yards of tulle from a bolt—this is something you can easily eyeball.

DIY tutu instructions

How to Make a DIY Tutu Skirt
  • elastic
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • tulle
  1. Measure the length around the waist of the person who will be wearing the tutu then cut elastic to size.
  2. Using needle and thread, stitch the elastic ends together—it doesn’t have to be pretty, no one will ever see it!
  3. Next, measure tulle into strips of fabric twice the length that your skirt is going to be. Cut about 30 strips to begin with, then additional pieces if needed to achieve desired fullness.
  4. Add the tulle to the waistband by folding the strips in half then create a loop on one end and two loose tails on the other. Place the halved tulle strips over the waistband so that only a few inches of the loop stick out over the top. Fold the tail ends around the waistband then pull them through the loop—the motion is like putting a luggage tag on a suitcase! Tighten each knot to make room for other strips of tulle and to stabilize the skirt.
  5. Continue adding strips of tulle until you have covered the circumference of the waistband.
It’s a challenge to cut tulle with perfectly straight edges, but once the skirt is made, it will poof nicely and no one will be the wiser!

DIY tutu skirt craft