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duct tape craft ideas
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awesome uses for duct tape
  1. iPod case, luggage tag, wallet, binder cover, hair clips, computer case, pencil case, lunch bag, mouse pad, book cover, guitar strap, picture frame, purse, soda can holder, bracelets, lunch bag, belts, game boards, costumes. We could go on….but what are your duct tape craft ideas?
DIY springboards
  1. We perused the how-to aisle at Michael’s, and selected Just Duct Tape It!, by Inc. Leisure Arts to inspire our designs. The instructions were easy to follow and the projects are beautifully illustrated. Ever try to make a recipe from a cookbook with no images of what the final product is supposed to look like? We love photo references!
duck tape
  1. Since we enlisted Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape for our crafting, we thought it appropriate to investigate their website for additional project suggestions and tips. Their Ductivity blog documents all the fashion, crafts and miscellaneous items submitted by Duck Tape users. We were most impressed by the duct tape prints we hadn’t seen in the store before – Hello Kitty, penguin prints and college duct tape stole the show.
Cheryl Says
Duct tape is a must-have around the house. Get the kids into it and you’ll have a go-to craft project at any given moment!


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