When it comes to having a kids party, nothing’s more fun than a day at the beach. However, for those of us not lucky enough to live near the ocean, sometimes you have to bring the island to you.

Here are a few tips for creating a tropical table setting for a kids’ party that’s sure to have your little monkeys hooting and hollering.

how to set up an island-themed kid’s party

1. time to set the table

Wrap your table with a grass table skirt (available at craft or party stores) or use your greenest, most tropical looking tablecloth.

2. fauna & flora

Consider using a chocolate brown table runner or a large coconut leaf as your base. Party stores have lots of artificial foliage to choose from.

3. double duty

Create a centerpiece using tropical fruit such as bananas, papayas, kiwis and coconuts. You can put these fruits to good use after the party by making tasty smoothies–or adult frozen beverages!

Add banana leaves, palm fronds or other oversized leaves. If you have any tropical plants in your house, snip a couple of leaves instead of purchasing artificial ones.

4. one banana, two banana

Set the table using large banana leaves or rattan placemats. Write each guest’s name on a single banana using a brown marker and set at the top of each placemat for a unique and playful place card.

5. bamboo makes it easy

Use bamboo servingware and coconut cups for each place setting. They also make for easy cleanup!

6. i scream, you scream…

Serve fun themed food such as banana splits. Who doesn’t love a good banana split?