If you’re an avid reader or know someone who is, you’re going to want to make this super easy photo bookmark clip. How can you pass it up when it costs less than $1.25?

You’ve probably seen the small paperclip with decorative button attached, but it’s no match for our 4″ clip! Its giant size allows you to show off your child (or pet) and it will actually hold your place without popping off. Just print out a photo with a great headshot, fit it to a small wooden circle and glue.

It’s so simple and inexpensive you can set up an assembly line and knock out as many as you want all at once! It’s fun for Father’s Day, neighborhood holiday gifts and, of course, book clubs. Giftwrap a book and attach the bookmark clip to it and wait for everyone to fawn over your creativity and crafting skills.

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Photo Bookmark Clip Instructions

Photo Bookmark Clip Instructions
  • photo
  • 2″ wooden circle cutout
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • stiffened felt scrap
  • spray adhesive
  • precision knife
  • hot glue gun
  • 4″ paper clip
  1. Print out the photo you would like to use. Make sure his/her face will fit within the 2″ area of the wooden circle cutout. Center the wooden cutout on top of the portion of the photo you want to use. Then trace around it and cut out using scissors. Set it aside.
  2. Next, place the wooden cutout on a scrap piece of stiffened felt, trace and cut out. You will use this to cover the back of the cutout for a nice finish.
  3. Spray a small amount of adhesive on the back of your photo, wait a few seconds for it to get tacky then adhere it to one side of the wooden circle. Press firmly to secure then carefully trim any excess using a precision knife.
  4. Hot glue the back of the wooden cutout to the upper portion of the paper clip, applying pressure until it securely stays in place. Once secure, glue the felt to the back of the cutout, covering the glued portion of the paper clip.
  5. Gift wrap a new book with your bookmark tied on the front!
When using spray adhesive, you may want to wear a disposable glove to prevent sticky fingers!

This photo bookmark clip is one of the most inexpensive projects ever!