Your new graduate has finally made it through, so let the party begin! Our graduation cap cupcake toppers will make any dessert too cute to pass up. Plus, they’ll double as colorful decorations on your buffet table.

Our printable template includes six caps per page, then grab floss and glue and you’re set. Choose scrapbook paper and embroidery floss to represent school colors. You can make as many as you need for just a few dollars!

You’ll want to print and cut out all the shapes and make the tassels before assembling the caps. We used hot glue, but tape or clear glue are good substitutes.

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How to make cupcake toppers


Graduation Cap Cupcake Toppers Instructions
  • graduation cap cupcake toppers printable
  • card stock or construction paper (school colors)
  • scissors
  • mini single-hole punch
  • embroidery floss
  • hot glue gun or tape
  • flat picks
  1. Download the graduation cap cupcake toppers printable.
  2. Print on card stock or construction paper and cut out where indicated with scissors. Don’t forget to punch a tiny hole in the center of each square for the tassel.
  3. To make the bottom of the cap, roll each rectangular shape into a cylinder then secure the ends with hot glue or tape.
  4. Make a tassel by wrapping embroidery floss around two fingers 10­–12 times. Snip the ends just at the bottom, remove it from your fingers then fold in half. Wrap a short length of thread around the tassel near the top and double-knot it to secure. Trim any excess.
  5. Slip a short strand of thread through the tassel’s loop then pull both ends through the hole of the cap. Knot and glue to secure.
  6. Assemble the cap, adhere with glue then attach a flat pick with hot glue. Repeat as necessary for each cupcake. Place the toppers in the cupcakes, adjust the tassels then serve.
If you don’t have a mini hole punch, use a safety pin to pierce the hole in the cap. Wiggle it just until it’s large enough to thread floss through it.

Graduation cap cupcake toppers