Sweaters are sacred. Fitted or boxy, slight and soft or wooly and weighty, they shield us from the winter elements. To discover a hole or a stain or worse—the horror of shrinking it in the dryer—turn lemons into lemonade by making sweater mittens!

It’s easy to do and requires only the most novice of sewing skills—if you know how to thread the needle, you’re way ahead of the game! Simply make a pattern from your hands, trim the fabric then get a-sewin’.

How to make sweater mittens

how to make sweater mittens
  • piece of paper
  • marker
  • scissors
  • old sweater(s)
  • straight pins
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  1. Trace the outline of your hand onto a piece of paper then cut out.
  2. Lay an old sweater onto a flat surface. Select an area with a finished end (i.e., the bottom, hemmed area of the sleeves or the bottom hem of the sweater). Pin your hand pattern so that the wrist area of the pattern is parallel to the hem, with a ½–1″ gap between the hem and where the pattern starts.
  3. Using scissors, cut around the pattern, leaving enough room to sew. This will remove excess fabric so you can work on the sewing machine quickly and easily.
  4. Inverse the fabric so you’re sewing inside-out, then put the pattern back in place. Run a stitch along the edge of the pattern. When you’re finished, un-pin the pattern, trimming excess fabric if necessary, then flip the mitten back to right-side out.
  5. Repeat with the second mitten, although you will want to ensure you flip the pattern on the opposite side so you have both a right- and left-handed mitten.
  6. Embellish mittens if desired then enjoy!
Iron-on embellishments can take sweater mittens over the top. Whether you choose sequin snowflakes or a pretty applique, the world is at your fingertips with this easy craft.

Sweater mittens