Quickly change the look of a room by decorating an old lampshade. This DIY lampshade is super easy with templates made from lids and cups! Just spray paint, trace and punch out with an awl for a quick and easy craft that’s sure to make a lasting impression.

Use a shade from home that’s seen better days or find one at a flea market for only a few bucks. You can always splurge on a new one that’s not too expensive! You don’t want to spend a lot of money, in case it turns out less than stellar. Other than a can of dark spray paint to provide the best contrast for the lamp when lit, there’s hardly any cost involved!

Replicate our circular design or let your creativity soar with your own special pattern. It doesn’t take a lot of muscle to punch along the templates and the result looks very much like punched tin but oh, so much easier!

DIY lampshade instructions
  • lampshade
  • flat black spray paint or your choice of dark color
  • tape
  • craft paper or newspaper
  • anything round to use as circle templates
  • pencil
  • scissors or X-acto knife
  • craft foam paper
  • awl
  1. Start by lining the inside of your lampshade using tape and craft paper. Paint the outside of the shade black using a flat black spray paint or any dark color—the darker the paint, the better your design will look. Allow to dry.
  2. Next, make your circle templates. We used a lid and a cup to make 2 different sizes. Trace your circle objects onto craft foam paper and cut them out.
  3. Place double-sided tape on the backs of each circle cutout and choose 1 to place on your lampshade to get started. Use an awl to start poking holes all around the perimeter of the circle template, spacing the holes about ¼” apart.
  4. Next, remove the first template and overlap another size circle template over the punched circle, punch along its perimeter and remove. Repeat until the entire shade is finished.
  5. When completed, your lampshade is immediately ready to display!
Spraying your lampshade with a dark color magnifies the lighting effect.


quick & easy #DIYLampshade looks like punched tin without the hard work | instructions on Everyday Dishes & DIY.com

easy & quick #DIYLampshade looks like punched tin without the work | instructions on Everyday Dishes & DIY.com