Grab your supplies and make a thankful DIY stenciled pillow to decorate your house! You can use any color of paint your heart desires! Simply dab it onto the burlap using the Everyday Dishes stencil then let it dry. Once the paint is dry, you’re ready to sew. So long as you match the thread to the color of the burlap, the fabric is forgiving. Don’t stress about perfectly straight lines.

This craft is inexpensive, perfectly festive and makes great gifts! Show us how your pillows turn out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #EverydayDishes.

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Burlap Stenciled Pillow Instructions

Stenciled Pillow Instructions
  1. Cut out your choice of fabric and burlap to fit the size of your pillow, leaving a 2″ border. The burlap will be the front of the pillow and the fabric will be the back.
  2. Download the pillow stencil printable.
  3. Print the stencil on card stock then arrange on your burlap to make sure they’re going to fit. If the letters are too big or small, adjust the print scale to fit in your printing options.
  4. Once you have it to the correct size, carefully cut out letters where indicated using a precision knife.
  5. Place the burlap onto a covered work surface (you will get paint on it). Spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive then center onto the burlap. Next you will cover everything around your stencil with scrap paper to protect it from unwanted paint.
  6. Carefully apply a coat of spray paint evenly over the stencil, holding the can about 6″ directly over it. Don’t spray at an angle! Carefully remove the stencil and allow the letters to dry.
  7. Once dry, you’re ready to sew your pillow cover together. Begin by placing the stenciled burlap on top of your fabric, with the stencil facing in between the two pieces.
  8. Use straight pins to keep fabric together while you sew, but designate one side (we chose the bottom) that you will reverse the fabric and sew from the outside.
  9. Prepare sewing machine with thread, then slowly work your way around the pillow seam using a wide stitch. Once you have three sides sewn, flip the pillowcase inside out. Place the pillow inside then fold the bottom edge of the fabric inward, making sure the seams match. Pin in place then run through the sewing machine.
Don’t spray your stencil at an angle or the paint may seep underneath!

Show your thanks with a burlap stenciled pillow