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The first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think about dyeing are the psychedelic, tie-dye t-shirts everyone loved wearing as a kid. But for us DIYers, dyeing is so much more!

Dyeing is a simple, fun and affordable way to makeover almost anything that you own. With little more than Rit Dye, hot water and a sink or bucket, you can breathe new life into your clothes, jewelry and home décor.

And it’s not just for fabric. Rit dyes wood, rope, feathers, nylon, buttons, beads and paper – you name it, you can probably dye it. In less than an hour you can totally transform the color of most anything. Plus, Rit’s color formulas are high quality, so they’ll go a long way. Just a bit of dye will give you the perfect hue.

We especially love Rit’s new ColorPerfect kit because it makes the dyeing portion of our projects even easier. Kits come with everything that you need, including pre-mixed dye and three applicators: a spray top, drip top and dauber, which works kind of like a paintbrush so you can spread the color or even create hand-drawn patterns.You can literally start crafting right out of the box! So easy.

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