It’s not a New Years Eve soiree without a healthy dose of champagne. Greet guests with custom mini champagne bottles, or set them out for a New Year’s toast. Your customized champagne splits will be decked out to perfection!

Mini Champagne Bottle Labels Instructions

Custom Champagne Minis Labels Instructions
  • mini champagne bottle labels
  • champagne splits
  • straws
  • metallic food picks
  • scissors
  • silver ribbon
  • adhesive paper
  1. Download the mini champagne bottle labels printable.
  2. Print on adhesive paper. Cut the labels out and attach to the front of the champagne splits.
  3. Tie a piece of metallic ribbon around the neck of the split.
  4. Tuck a polka dot straw and a metallic food pick inside the tied ribbon.
  5. Pop the cork at midnight and toast the New Year!
Champagne minis are so festive! The extra flair from decorative straws and personalized labels will make NYE memorable for all partygoers.

Custom mini champagne bottle labels printable