Hi, welcome! Today we are going to carve a creepy watermelon brain. Now I’ve never actually tried doing this before, but how hard can it be..right? I’ve got my knives, I’ve got the watermelons, and I’ve even got a live studio audience. Now guys, you need to behave yourselves..let’s go!

Okay, let’s see here. Now we have two lopsided brains and now we turn them over according to the picture. So now we have to peel..do we want to take bets on whether or not I cut myself doing this? Uh-oh, I just got into the red flesh. Okay, maybe this isn’t so easy. Alright, I’m getting an arm workout!

We have the top of the head. Now according to the picture, we need to cut the center of the two halves. I guess we just start by doing something similar. You know what, I never did learn how to draw in school. I think some sketching lessons would help out here. What’s a brain really look like? Why doesn’t mine look like that? Can I salvage this one at all? No, not really. I need to create a template for you guys, so I’ll be right back.


Hi I’m back. This is round two of the watermelon brain. Free-handed it was a little hard. So now, I’ve got this handy dandy template. Let’s see if it works..I’ve got several copies!

So again, we’re going to turn the brain over. Now remember, don’t go too deep so that you keep the white of the rind or it’ll be a bloody brain, humph! Now we’re going to start carving with my template. I brought my coffee this time, this is going to be a long day. Are you left brain or are you right brained? I think I’m a little bit of both brains. This is so much easier with a template! Be deep as an individual, superficial as a cutter. Did we do it? Yes!

So I’m finished and it’s not as easy as it looks, but it’s really not that bad and now that you’ve learned what to do from my trial and error, it should be much easier on your part. So remember: use the template, don’t cut too far into the pith when you peel it, and use a sharp knife. So now have fun, get the kids involved. I would peel it before those kids even arrive, and have a ghoulish creepy Halloween.