Holiday dinners require extra seating arrangements so we often put the kids at a separate table. Why not make them feel extra special? Our pumpkin pie place card is fun, unique and easy to make with our printable.

Fun candies or small toys are the perfect unexpected treats for the younger crowd. Seal a few inside each pumpkin slice with double-sided tape, and watch the reaction when opened. We doubt you’ll hear any complaints from the kids’ table this year!

Printable pumpkin pie place card instructions

Pumpkin Pie Place Card Instructions
  • pumpkin pie place card printable
  • white card stock
  • precision knife
  • ruler
  • hot glue gun
  • double-stick tape
  • pen
  1. Download pumpkin pie place card printable.
  2. Print on card stock and cut out along dotted lines. Hot glue together leaving one side open.
  3. Write names on whipped cream cutout.
  4. Score along red lines. Fold and cut slit for whipped cream insert and glue where indicated.
  5. Insert name card and fill with treats. Use double stick tape to seal closed!
Decorate the kids’ table especially for them—personalized place cards will make them feel just like the grownups!

Pumpkin Pie Place Cards