The best thing about this centerpiece–it can go right from your table to the garden by planting the seedlings, eggs and all.

Better yet, send the seedlings home with guests for a memorable gift that will last.

Egg shell seedling centerpiece instructions

Egg shell seedling centerpiece instructions
  • eggs (uncooked)
  • needle and bowl
  • planter
  • florist foam
  • soil
  • ashland moss (available at craft stores)
  • fresh white Alyssum flowers
  • burlap ribbon
prepare egg shells
  1. Start by removing the insides of your eggs, leaving behind a non-perishable outer shell.
  2. While standing over a large bowl, take a washed, uncooked egg and use a needle to carefully poke a small hole in the top and then poke a larger hole in the bottom.
  3. Blow through the top of the egg until all of the insides are removed.
  4. Carefully wash your empty eggs and set aside to dry.
assemble centerpiece
  1. Place floral foam inside planter and pile on a generous layer of moss.
  2. Gently chip away at eggshells so they look like they’ve been freshly hatched.
  3. Fill eggshells with soil and plant small sprigs of Alyssum.
  4. Display the freshly planted Alyssum (in eggshells) on top of the moss.
  5. Tie burlap ribbon around planter.

Egg shell seedling centerpiece