Who says you have to break out those old-fashioned egg dyes and subject your kitchen to the inevitable spills, stains and smeary handprints?

This Easter, our egg decorating ideas will let your guests decorate their eggs with buttons, pipe cleaners, ribbons and googly eyes.

Egg decorating ideas

egg decorating ideas
  • eggs (consider buying both white and brown eggs for variety)
  • large sewing or knitting needle
  • craft glue
  • crafting supplies such as colored pencils, glitter, pipe cleaners, ribbons, raffia, goggly eyes, feathers and felt fabrics (for making beaks, hats, etc.)
  • napkin rings (optional)
  1. Start by removing the insides of your eggs, leaving behind a non-perishable outer shell.
  2. While standing over a large bowl, take a washed, uncooked egg and use a needle to carefully poke a small hole in the top and then poke a larger hole in the bottom.
  3. Blow through the top of the egg until all of the insides are removed.
  4. Carefully wash your empty eggs and set aside to dry.
  5. Prep your crafting station with decorations and glue and you’re all set to go! Have fun!
In my house, this is the only time all year that we actually use napkin rings. I flip them on their flat side and use them as egg pedestals.

Easter egg decorating ideas using blown-out eggs