We are all about putting a fun, irreverent twist on springtime celebrations. As a working mom, Cheryl’s number one goal is to make sure her family enjoys a unique and memorable occasion–even if she doesn’t have time for elaborate preparations. Serving dessert that looks like a bunny rabbit’s dream, or crafting Easter eggs from buttons and twine, all gives impetus to laughter and love in the home.

From seedling centerpieces, chocolate hazelnut bird nests, deviled egg chicks, and veggie desserts, we hope you find that some of our Easter spirit inspires you.

Our favorite and simple Easter projects

1. alternative egg decorating ideas

ditch the dye. Where is it written that you have to use old-fashioned egg dyes and run the risk of spills, stains and smeary handprints on your countertops this Easter?  Take a look at some fun alternatives for Easter egg decorating.

2. paper maché decorations

bring the outdoors to your tabletop. Beautifully crafted using balloons and brightly colored origami paper, these simple Paper maché eggs with fresh alyssum and preserved moss will make a gorgeous centerpiece for your Easter table.

3. deviled eggs chicks

easter’s tweetings. Super cute and totally delicious, these deviled egg hatchlings made with carrots and capers are the perfect appetizer for your Easter brunch.

4. chocolate hazelnut bird nests

a view from the bird’s nest. The kiddos are going to love these cereal and chocolate hazelnut Easter egg nests with mini chocolate eggs! You probably will too, so go ahead and make some extras.

5. eggshell seedling centerpiece

French provincial gets centerpiece chic. Did you know eggshells are a fabulous way to start seedlings? Group them together and adorn with green moss for a free range and freshly hatched centerpiece for your Easter celebration.

6. natural easter basket

a garden-variety basket for easter treats. If the standard basket won’t due this year, try crafting a natural-looking Easter basket with an egg carton, twine and treasures from nature.

7. veggie garden dessert

plant a faux veggie garden. Guests young and old are going to love diving into these adorable terra cotta pots filled with chocolate pudding and topped with chocolate sandwich cookie crumbles and chocolate dipped strawberries.

8. Cheerios sheep treats

shepherd your flock. These super fun marshmallow and Cheerios sheep treats were so well received last year that we just had to bring them baaaa-ck!