Fat Tuesday’s almost here! Celebrate with a printable Mardi Gras mask that’s quick and easy to make.

Choose from two stylish designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Just cut out, attach to wooden dowels then add embellishments for your own special touch.

Grab your beads and you’re ready to go!

Mardi Gras masks instructions

Mardi Gras mask instructions
  • Mardi Gras mask printable
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • wooden dowels
  • purple paint
  • hot glue
  • rhinestones (optional)
  1. Download the [url href=”https://everydaydishes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/mardi-gras-mask-cherylstyle-printable.pdf” target=”_blank” title=”Mardi Gras Mask Printable”]Mardi Gras mask printable[/url] and open in [url href=”http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/” target=”_blank” title=”Adobe Reader”]Adobe Reader[/url].
  2. Print and cut out where indicated.
  3. Paint wooden dowel with purple paint then allow it to dry.
  4. Adhere rhinestones or sequins onto mask for added flare.
  5. Adhere back of the mask to the tip of the wooden dowel using hot glue. Attach a second dowel across the top for extra support.
Ever wonder why Mardi Gras is often called ‘Fat Tuesday’? Back in the days of the Romans, folks would clean out their cupboards the day before Lent and binge on all the food!

Printable Mardi Gras mask