Printable New Year’s Eve champagne glass tags are quick and easy to make, inexpensive and add a festive touch to your party décor.

We have two designs befitting the occasion to print on card stock then cut out. Wrap around glass stems and voila—you have simple party décor.

Champagne glass tags instructions

New Year’s Eve Champagne Glass Tags Instructions
  • New Year’s Eve champagne wrap printable
  • card stock
  • scissors or 3″ circle die cut
  • champagne glasses
  1. Download the New Year’s Eve 2016 champagne wrap printable.
  2. Print and cut out where indicated using scissors or a 3″ circle die cut.
  3. Cut a hole in the center and a slit down the side where indicated.
  4. Wrap around the bottom of each champagne glass or leave them at the drink table with a pen for guests to write their name.
If you have a circle die cut, use it! It ensures professional looking crafts every time.

New Year's Eve champagne glass tags