Creating a pie isn’t just about the great-tasting filling. If you don’t have a kick-butt crust to accompany the winning interior, you might as well just have bought it from the store. Now, with our simple instructions for how to make a lattice pie crust, your pie will be a beauty from the inside out!

A crimping wheel or pizza cutter will really help the process, so if you have one in the kitchen, by all means, put it to use! Once you trim all the pieces for the lattice, our video will teach you all the proper techniques for weaving the perfect crust.

From the obligatory holiday pies, to the bake sale and the pot luck, you’ll be one hot pie-making mama with our simple tricks of the trade.

How to lattice a pie crust

How To Make A Lattice Pie Crust Instructions

Make every pie a beauty with our quick and easy instructions for how to make a lattice pie crust!


Yield: 8 servings
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  • Roll out pie crust at least 2″ larger than the pie pan you’re using.
  • Use a ruler as a guide to cut the edge of the dough in a straight line with a crimping wheel or pizza cutter. Measure 1″ away from the straight edge and cut again to create your first piece. You will have a 1″-wide strip of pie dough. Repeat until you have used all of the pie dough.
  • Set pie dish with a bottom crust and a filling in front of you. Place one of the long dough strips in the center of the pie pan on top of the filling. Continue placing strips on top of the filling parallel to this first strip leaving a 1″ space between each strip. Make sure all of the strips hang over the pie dish on both ends.
  • Next, fold back every other strip from the center of the pie. Place a long strip at a right angle down the center of the pie and return the folded back strips flat. Now fold back the strips you did NOT fold back the first time, place another strip parallel to the first cross strip, leaving a 1″ space between them, and return the strips flat. Continue until you reach the edge of the pie. Then start at the center again and work in the opposite direction.
  • When the pie has been covered completely, crimp edges to seal the bottom and top crusts together. Bake and enjoy!


Making a lattice crust is so simple yet fancy enough that your guests will think you bought the pie from a professional baker!
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How to lattice a pie crust