It’s summertime and if you’re looking for a lighter way to put some protein in your diet, fish is a great way to go! My 10 fish-friendly tips will teach you how to buy the right kind of fish and prepare it without filling the house with a fishy smell!

1. When sautéing shrimp add a pinch of sugar to your seasonings to help the shrimp brown and bring out its flavor.

2. To achieve a golden brown pan-fried scallop, look for “dry” scallops rather than “wet” scallops. Wet scallops have added chemicals that hold moisture and prevent browning.

3. A salmon by any other name is not as sweet. So look for “wild” or “Alaskan” salmon, over “Atlantic” for that mild, sweet taste of fresh salmon.

4. When buying shrimp, go for frozen over “fresh.” Also, to avoid added chemicals, only “shrimp” should be included on the ingredient list.

5. Salting fish before you cook it helps to firm the texture of the fish and extract some of the liquid that could prevent it from browning.

6. When buying a whole fish, look for bright eyes, shiny scales, firm flesh and red gills.

7. If you want to avoid your house smelling of “fish,” don’t overcook it.

8. I prefer to cook fish in a 250 degree oven in a covered dish. The lid helps retain moisture as it slowly cooks. For example, two pounds of salmon will melt in your mouth after 30 minutes in the oven. And with barely any fishy smells.

9. Fish is done when you can flake the thickest part of the fillet with a fork.

10. To remove fish smell from your hands, use lemon juice and course kosher salt to create a paste and scrub your hands. Rinse in cool water.

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