It’s great to have a good time, but it’s even better to have a good time for a great cause! Any party can double as a fundraiser if you set it up just right.

That’s why we put together three fundraiser party ideas that make it easy for your guests to pay it forward.

Whether the cause is big or small, our three fundraiser party ideas work for just about any charity or occasion.

3 fundraiser party ideas

1. ask guests to bring a gift

Holidays are a wonderful time to add a charity element to your party, such as asking guests to bring a wrapped toy for an underprivileged children’s organization. Choose one that most people know, such as Toys for Tots (, and you’ll get great participation.

2. ask for donations in lieu of a birthday gift

As part of the invitation, be sure to specify which charity you’d like your guests to donate to. Or, if you support a broader cause, such as breast cancer awareness, provide links to a few organizations where guests may donate.

3. hold bidding wars

Live and silent auctions are lively and fun ways to add a jolt of excitement to any party while at the same time raising funds for a worthy cause. Draft your most boisterous friend, give him or her a mic, and let the bidding begin. To entice bids, be sure to display all of the auction items prominently so guests can browse before placing bids.

Cheryl Says

fundraising parties work because people generally want to give. They just need a reason to.