A pool party is a great way to enjoy a warmer autumn day with your friends. But do you know how you can make it a truly fabulous party?

The weather may be getting colder in most parts, but there are still places where you can enjoy a pool party, especially on a bright sunny day when the temperatures are higher. The warmer weather is great for keeping you more active and helping you eat better. Warm weather also improves your sleep and boosts your immune system. 

So you want to make the most of the warm weather on a bright autumn day. And what better way to enjoy a sunny warm day than to have a pool party? Keep reading for a few useful tips for making your pool party truly fun and fantastic.

Make The Invitations Festive

You have to envision what you want your pool party to look like before you start planning. Will it have a theme, and what kind of food do you want to serve. If you’re going to have a unique party, you have to have a theme and design it accordingly. You can center the whole decor and thrift ideas around that theme. You can even send out cute invitations for the pool party, designing it according to your theme. The invitations must be fun and vibrant, forecasting the mood of the party. If you want the guests to bring their swimsuits, then you can mention that in the invitation. 

Drinks To Stay Hydrated

Pool parties out in the sun surely mean that you need to have cold and refreshing drinks at the party to keep your guests hydrated. The best way to stock your party with refreshing drinks is to get a cooler and fill it with bottled beverages like soda and water. You can even get a nugget ice maker and keep it along with your cooler so guests can get their ice to add to their drinks. A cocktail bar with fancy drinks is also a cool idea to spruce up the ambiance. Whipping up a cocktail can be simple if you follow some recipes online. You can even arrange a floating bar so your friends can get their drinks while still staying in the pool.

pool party

Arrange a Tasty Array Of Snacks

Your guests are expected to have varying tastes when it comes to snacks. So you have to strike a balance between healthy food and junk food to keep your guests satisfied. You don’t want your guests suffering from bloating (especially if they are wearing bathing suits). So you should avoid too much salty food. However, some salty treats are welcome to replenish the electrolytes after sweating in the sun. So keep some chips along with fresh fruits to balance it out. 

A tasty fruit salad comprising of a bunch of different fruits is a great idea. Some salty foods can include pretzels, corn chips, and potato chips are a familiar favorite. You can also serve dips such as hummus, guacamole, and salsa to include healthy foods. Think of more tasty treats for the kids, so there is something for all ages.

Arrange a Diverse Menu

Your pool party may go on for some while, especially when your guests are having a good time. So it’s a good idea if you are prepared for it by arranging for your guests’ meals. Since the mood for a pool party is relaxed, you don’t have to make an elegant dinner for them. Setting up a bbq will be a far more convenient idea. Hot dogs and hamburgers are easy to whip up and are inexpensive, not to mention they are trendy for pool parties. You can check out your local farmer’s market to pick up vegetables and fruits to prepare some fresh and light side dishes.

Get Cute Pool Floats To Match The Occasion

The best way to bring a feeling of completion to a pool party is by including colorful pool floats. Your guests will love to lounge in the pool on unicorns, flamingo, ice cream, or pizza floats. If you have kids over at your pool party, then be sure to include arm floaties, pool noodles, or lifejackets so that they too can enjoy in the pool. 

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Create a Playlist For The Party

Set the mood right at your pool party by getting a playlist of the latest party hits. You can check out streaming services like Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify as they have plenty of party playlists for you to choose from. If you have a personalized theme, then you can create a playlist to match the theme. These streaming services will offer you a free trial before your party if you don’t pay for a subscription. This means non-stop music without any annoying ads. To play the music loudly, you need to set up a high-quality speaker. Make sure to get one with BlueTooth features, is waterproof, and can fit into your budget.

Arrange For Fun Games For Your Pool Party

You have already arranged enough to make your pool party the best of the season by putting together good food, fantastic music, and fun guests. Taking things to the next level will require you to prepare a few games if your friends might want to do something different. A water balloon fight and playing chicken are classic and fun examples of pool party games. Just make sure that your guests are being courteous to others and are maintaining civic discipline.

Get Cozy Lounge Chairs

There will be some people who will be avoiding going into the pool altogether. They just might be intending to work on a tan. For these guests, you need to arrange a few lounge chairs that are cozy enough and allow them to recline in several positions they find comfortable. Guests swimming in the pool will also require a break in the lounge chairs if they get tired of swimming or cold from being wet. While you’re at it, you can also get umbrellas for those guests who will want to stay shaded from the sun and stay cool.

Wrapping Up

Arranging a pool party for the slightly cooler days in autumn will be a hit if you have a bright sunny day with a little warmer weather. Your guests will have a great time with all the preparations that you will have made by following the tips mentioned in the article above. So get down to it and have a great pool party.