Is there anything better than the thrill of the hunt?

Okay, maybe if that hunt includes crazy-good bargains on versatile, vintage and at-times funky finds.

Meet the flea market. We pride ourselves on our flea market finds, adding interesting party décor to our portfolios at home.

Here are 10 ways to put your flea market finds to use.

decorating with flea market finds

  1. Place brass candlesticks in a line down a dining table in lieu of a “runner.”
  2. Top a vintage mirror with candles and set the mirror on an entryway console.
  3. Place guests’ photos in mini picture frames and use them as place cards.
  4. Tuck fragrant herbs into apothecary bottles and cluster them together on a side table.
  5. Use antique key rings as napkin rings.
  6. Set a table with mismatched china plates.
  7. Display food platters on one-off wooden chairs.
  8. Top a luggage rack with a tray for used dishes.
  9. Fill mercury-glass bowls with floating flowers.
  10. Layer a rustic pewter tray under a shiny ceramic one for contrast.

Cheryl Says

I think of a flea market as a mini treasure hunt. I always come away with something I can use.