Simple and eclectic bottle centerpieces are quick, inexpensive, and easier than you think. With a few simple items and repurposed materials, you will have a glorious centerpiece.

painted bottle centerpieces instructions
  • glass mineral water bottles and wine bottles
  • flat white spray paint
  • twine
  • fresh or dried Billy Balls
  1. Soak the glass bottles in hot soapy water to remove labels.
  2. Apply 3–4 layers of flat white spray paint to each bottle.
  3. Wrap a generous amount of twine around the neck of each bottle and knot into place.
  4. Arrange 1–4 Billy Ball stems in each bottle. Snip the stems to create a variety of heights.
  5. Scatter bottles around the center of your table to create depth and bright pops of color.
Billy Balls can be special ordered through your local flower shop, or you can buy them dried and preserved on