Make a birth announcement banner with fabric, paint and stencils to hang in the nursery. It’s easy, inexpensive and takes only a few supplies.

To make an opening for the dowel you can machine stitch the top of the banner, easily sew it by hand or skip the sewing altogether by using fabric glue. Easy peasy!

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How to make a birth announcement banner

how to make a birth announcement banner
  • placemat or fabric, cut 13″ x 16″
  • scissors
  • 3/16″ wooden dowel, cut 17″ long
  • needle and thread OR fabric glue
  • printer
  • card stock
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Precision knife”]precision knife[/url]
  • tape
  • acrylic or fabric paint and sponge brush
  • alphabet/number stencil
  • ribbon or yarn
  1. Using scissors, fray the side and bottom edges of your fabric. Fold the top edge or fabric over just enough to create an opening large enough to insert the dowel then sew or glue in place.
  2. Choose desired font and type baby’s name—we made ours 2″ high. Print on card stock paper then cut out using a precision knife.
  3. Center cutout near top of fabric and tape in place. Apply paint using a sponge brush then allow it to dry.
  4. Once dry, place stencil below name to paint date, weight, and length of baby.
  5. Paint baby’s feet then press onto fabric for footprints. Allow paint to dry.
  6. Insert dowel through loop, tie ribbon or yarn onto ends of dowel then hang.
Surprise the new mom and dad by making a banner for them after they send out birth announcements. It’s the perfect gift!