Personalize gift giving with our DIY handmade journal! It costs less than $10 and makes a quick, easy gift friends will treasure.

We bound our handmade journal using a sewing machine and a bone folder but a paper punch and yarn or twine could easily get the job done.

Collect recipes or souvenirs from trips and preserve them in a pint-sized booklet that travels easily in a purse, ready to be shared at a moment’s notice.

Capture meaningful events for the kids that happened throughout the school year by adding photo corners to secure any pictures. Include the funny things you heard them say and watch them chuckle with delight as they begin to read.

Think they might want a blank one to record whatever they wish? Have them help you make their own! Let them choose their favorite paper and embellishments to make it their own personal project. They’ll beam with pride at the results.

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Handmade journals instructions

Handmade Journals Instructions
  1. Cut scrapbook paper to 8.5″ x 11″ for cover.
  2. Measure along widest edge of paper and lightly mark center (5 ½”) with pencil
  3. repeat for bottom.
  4. Align ruler with both pencil marks; lightly pencil a straight line.
  5. Layer cover on top of interior papers.
  6. Gently tap all papers on hard surface to align sheets.
  7. With cover facing up, align pencil mark under sewing needle.
  8. Slowly sew straight line from edge to edge and guide with hands.
  9. Remove and trim strings.
  10. Fold journal in half along spine and press with bone folder and score the paper to create clean edges.
  11. Trim excess papers from interior with ruler and precision knife.
  12. Add embellishments with hot glue.
Get creative with our DIY handmade journals. The possibilities are endless. It’s so quick and inexpensive you’ll want to gift them all year round!

 Handmade journals craft

Handmade journals craft