Here at Everyday Dishes & DIY we hate to see anything go to waste. Suzanne was rummaging around in our craft room last week and found an old picture frame without any glass. The wheels started turning and before we knew it, we had a picture frame key holder!

You’re going to love this little project because it’s easy to do, uses things you most likely already have, looks great and is super practical. Any old frame will do—even a damaged one. It’ll be covered in fabric so who cares? If you don’t happen to have one around, simply head to the clearance aisle of your local discount store and pick one.

You’ll like the flexibility of our key holder too. Choose frame sizes according to how many keys must be hung then check your fabric scraps to match your home’s décor. Friends would also appreciate them as gifts, so keep them in mind when making your selections.

Embellishments add the final touch to any craft, and this one’s no exception. Decorate it with whatever you have on hand or use our suggestion of chipboard letters for each person’s initials.

The down side is, you’ll have no excuse for misplacing your keys!

Picture frame key holder
  • picture frame (5″ x 7″ or larger)
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • adhesive spray
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • decoupage glue
  • cup hooks
  • hanging hardware
  • embellishments (chipboard letters for initials, etc.)
  1. To get this project started, find a frame you are no longer using (or pick up a cheap one in the clearance section of your favorite discount store). Remove the backing, glass and any hanging hardware.
  2. Place the frame on a piece of fabric and wrap the fabric around the frame to get an idea of how much you will need. Trim the excess using scissors—make sure to leave enough fabric to completely wrap around the back of the frame.
  3. Spray the front of the frame with adhesive spray, place it face down on the backside of the fabric, flip it over then smooth the fabric with your fingers.
  4. Next, flip it back over and spray the back of the frame with adhesive spray. Then wrap the fabric around the frame, smoothing it with your fingers. You may find it a little tricky to wrap the corners of the frame so here’s what to do—take the fabric on the corner, pull it up and over, then tuck and fold so the outside edges of the frame have a neat fold. Use hot glue to keep the folded fabric in place.
  5. Trim the excess fabric, tuck it into the grooves and corners of the frame and apply hot glue. Once the glue has cooled, trim any extra fabric and strings.
  6. If you want to keep your fabric clean or give it a slicker appearance, coat it with decoupage glue on the front and back of the frame (be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle regarding application and drying time).
  7. Once the fabric has dried, screw cup hooks inside the top of the frame. Install hanging hardware that will keep the frame securely on the wall—after all, it’s going to get a workout and you don’t want it to budge.
  8. We decorated our frame by painting the edges of small wood circles for a pop of color then placing chipboard initials, one for each person using the key organizer, on top.
This project’s a great way to use an old picture frame for something so practical!