Hair accessories for the kids are so much fun, but they’re so darn expensive! With inexpensive plastic headbands from your local drugstore, you can use old scraps of ribbon to make simple DIY ribbon-wrapped headbands!

The idea for this project is to upcycle scraps of ribbon from your craft kit. The truth is that spending tons of money on store-bought headbands is futile because they typically end up lost, tossed, ragged or broken.

With this DIY, the kids can have that new look for picture day, and you won’t be upset when it’s somehow discarded later that day. Besides, every time we wear a headband, we get a headache about 10 minutes later so you can’t blame ‘em!

This project isn’t the best for younger kids simply because it requires hot glue, but it is a fun avenue for making birthday gifts, stocking stuffers or just to accessorize your youngster’s wardrobe. You can even use spare buttons, sequins, rhinestones and other embellishments to decorate the headbands.

We can’t wait to see your designs! Show us your skills and upload your pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #EverydayDishes.

DIY Ribbon-Wrapped Headbands Instructions

DIY Ribbon-Wrapped Headbands Instructions
  • plastic headband (we used one from a package Remington girls’ thin plastic headbands)
  • ribbon, about 3 times the length of your headband
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  1. Cut a long strip of ribbon to wrap around the headband. The length of your ribbon depends on the width of the ribbon you’re using and how tight you wrap it. We used a strip of ribbon about 3 times the length of our headband.
  2. When your hot glue gun is ready, add a dab of glue to the bottom interior of the plastic and attach the end of your ribbon.
  3. Begin wrapping the ribbon tightly around the headband, adding a dollop of hot glue periodically to keep the ribbon in place.
  4. When you reach the opposite end of the headband, secure the edge of the ribbon into place with another dot of hot glue.
  5. Next, cut a new piece of ribbon and tie it into a bow then attach the bow on the headband with hot glue.
  6. To ensure the bow is secure, wrap a strip of ribbon a few times around the headband and the center of the bow. Secure into place with hot glue.
If you’re buying new ribbon for this project, head to the sale rack at the fabric store. You can find some really great deals!

Easy and inexpensive DIY ribbon wrapped headbands