This is a gift the kids can make for Mom that is both easy and unique! Our all about mom printable is fun for the kids to fill out and for mom to read!

Just print out the printable and let the kids fill in the blanks (or fill out the answers if your kiddos are too young to read and write). No matter how young they are, they can draw a picture of mom. If they can’t write their names yet, have them ink their handprints instead.

Make this activity a Mother’s Day tradition and keep the printables from years’ past in the same frame. It’s a great way to see how the kids (and their answers) change from year to year.

Are you a teacher? This is a fun craft project for your students to create for their moms.

Don’t forget about Grandma! We have an all about grandma printable for her, too!

All about mom printable


All About Mom Printable
  1. Download the all about mom printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Print the PDF on card stock (print 1 per child). Then have your children fill in the blanks using colored pens or markers. If your children are unable to write, just ask the questions and fill in the blanks for them.
  3. Have your kids draw a picture of ‘mom’ and write their names at the bottom.
  4. Trim with scissors to fit the frame (if needed) then give to Mom so she can display proudly!
Take it from me—moms love handmade gifts that take little time and a lot of love over anything pricey!