Is your desk out of control with cords galore? Our DIY cord organizer is an inexpensive way to de-clutter that mess and get you in charge of your chargers!

We’ve got printable labels for just about every device you can think of—computers, laptops, tablets, cameras and, of course, cell phones.

You’ll want to use large binder clips to keep connectors in place when not in use. Only one of the handles on each clip is needed so you can remove the unnecessary ones if you want.

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How to make a cord organizer

how to make a cord organizer
  • cord organizer printable
  • large binder clips
  • 1 sheet adhesive labels
  • scissors
  1. Download the cord organizer printable.
  2. Print onto label paper and cut out where indicated. Peel off label backing then adhere cutouts to one side of each binder clip.
  3. Feed cords one by one through one folding handle of each clip. Clip onto desk or charging station.
Labels will fit both the side and top of the clip so determine where it will be more visible on your desk.