Love to craft but have trouble finding what you need when searching through your supplies? Follow these simple guidelines on organizing a craft room so making projects will become a breeze.

Set aside a day when the kids are in school, the hubby’s at work and the coffee pot’s going.

You’ll love the results so let’s get to work!

organizing a craft room

1. location, location, location

  • Decide how much real estate you can devote to your passion—a closet or an entire room!
  • Consider a space for kiddos to play and do crafts while you keep a watchful eye out.
  • Have a counter or table nearby on which to work.
  • Good lighting is a must!

2. make an assessment

  • Just looking through drawers and boxes isn’t going to cut it—you’ve got stuff everywhere! Access what you have in order to know what supplies you’ll need to replenish.
  • Gather all of your supplies from their hiding places and spread them out before you—that means actually removing them from drawers, containers and closets.

3. sort trash from treasures

  • Decide what’s worth keeping and what isn’t—do you really need that itsy bitsy scrap of material?
  • Don’t just toss them! Recycle or donate what you don’t want—teachers always welcome items for school arts and crafts.
  • Designate zones for like materials such as sewing, paints, and embellishments then keep them together in that zone.

4. everything should have a home

  • Use clear, versatile containers and resealable plastic bags to store like items.
  • Repurpose what you already have—jars, baskets, utensil organizers or unused pizza boxes for those scrapbook or quilt works still in progress.
  • Take advantage of sales to purchase assorted sizes of containers.

5. love labels

  • The label maker is your new best friend—love it, use it, enjoy it!
  • Make sure to label shelves and drawers too, so items can be returned to their correct home.

6. accessibility

  • Vertical storage rules! Store items used less frequently up high.
  • Keep a step stool handy for those items just out of reach.
  • Keep everyday tools front and center.
  • Create and install a pegboard organizer for instant access to items used most often.

7. unique storage ideas

  • Hang clear shoe bag organizers over the door to keep miscellaneous items visible.
  • Place a towel bar on the wall to hold ribbon spools or giftwrap or create a giftwrap organizer.
  • Use desktop file holders to keep scrapbook paper from getting damaged.
  • Store resource books and magazines in vertical organizers (make our upcycled cereal box holders).

Cheryl Says

Keeping supplies visible and in their place makes crafting so much easier!