You’re in charge of dessert for this year’s Super Bowl party and you are making cookies! Jersey cookies are a guaranteed hit! Flexible craft metal is the perfect choice for this DIY. It’s easy to cut and bend into shape—especially with our printable template and instructions.

The hardest part will be waiting for the glue to dry so you can get started on those delicious game day cookies! We’ve even got a scrumptious recipe to go along with your jersey cookie cutter!

Game on!

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How to make a jersey cookie cutter

how to make sports jersey cookie cutter
  1. Measure and cut 1″ x 18″ strips of aluminum, one for each cookie cutter—sharp scissors should work just fine.
  2. Download the sports jersey cookie cutter printable.
  3. Print out template, lay flat on your work surface then follow the outline to shape the metal. For rounded areas, wrap around a thick or thin marker. For edges or angles that require a sharp fold, simply pinch with needle-nose pliers.
  4. Once you’ve completed the outline, leave ½” for overlap. Snip off the excess metal then glue the two pieces together with industrial-strength glue. Hold in place with binder clips and allow it to dry at least 3 hours if planning to dip the top edge into rubber coating.
  5. Let dry overnight and hand wash before using.
Check out our video for making bridal cookie cutters to help you get started!