Send the kids on a scavenger hunt that’s really fun and exciting! It’s a great activity for birthday parties or for kids who have ‘nothing to do.’ We even have printable lists of items to get the hunt started!

Getting ready requires minimal preparation—something we all love to hear. Gather items on the checklists then place them where they will be at least partially visible for hunters to spot.

Provide lists, pencils and collection bags for each team then set physical boundaries and a time limit. The team who finds the most items wins a special prize but you might want to supply some sort of prize to all participants.

Our printable lists common items to place indoors in case of rain. Make your own lists for themed parties, outdoor searches or destinations such as the park or zoo.

Printable scavenger hunt instructions


Printable Scavenger Hunt for Kids
  • items on list
  • scavenger hunt list printable
  • card stock
  • pencils
  • bags
  • prizes
  1. Download the scavenger hunt list printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Print as many copies as necessary for team or individual play on card stock.
  3. Before players arrive, gather the listed items and place throughout pre-designated area for the hunt. More than one of the same items may be needed, according to the number of players or teams. Be sure the items are at least partially visible!
  4. Distribute lists, pencils and collection bags to players. Set ground rules including physical boundaries and time limit for players to find as many items as possible.
  5. Start the hunt, watch the time then declare winning individual or teams and reward with prizes.
Pencils won’t get lost during the hunt if you attach them to the bag’s handles with string.

Printable scavenger hunt list