DIY flip-flops are stylish, patriotic and comfortable—so easy to make with ribbon and glue! They’re the perfect accessories for Memorial Day and 4th of July picnics.

This easy project is very inexpensive, especially when you raid your craft supplies for scrap ribbon. If you don’t have an appropriate applique patch, you can pick one up at the store. In fact, pick up a few extras—you can change the color scheme and make a second pair of shoes!

You can forget the complicated sewing skills—just a few stitches to make sure the patch stays put. A sturdy needle will work well to pass through the strap, glue and braid of ribbon.

How to make DIY flip-flops

How to Make DIY Flip-Flops
  • ribbon, 3 different colors or patterns
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • tape
  • flip-flops
  • hot glue gun
  • heart applique patch
  • needle and white thread
  1. Measure and cut 3 strips of different-colored or -patterned ribbon at least 36″ long. We used size 6 flip-flops, but shoe sizes vary, so you may need longer lengths of ribbon for larger shoes. Tape the ends of all 3 strips to the edge of a table then braid them together.
  2. Test the braid to make sure it will fit all the way around the top of the flip-flop’s V-shaped strap. Once you’re assured of the fit, remove and tie knots at both ends.
  3. Starting at one end of the strap, add an inch of hot glue to attach the braid. Work in small areas until you’ve reached the other side of the strap.
  4. Position the heart patch on top of the braid where straps form a V. Poke your threaded needle through both the strap and the patch to stitch it in place.
  5. Once stitched, lift the patch up slightly then glue it for good measure.
A thimble will come in handy—and save your fingers—to push the needle through the strap.

DIY flip-flops

DIY flip-flops