Tent cards are a subtle way to let guests know what’s on the menu without having them ask. Our printable is a simple design with a pop-up star that makes it perfect for patriotic holidays like the 4th of July or Memorial Day.

We’ve allowed plenty of space to include both the name of the dish as well as those ingredients to which people may be allergic, like wheat or nuts.

There are four tent cards to a page, so print as many as you need! Card stock is inexpensive and works better than regular paper, especially if you’re planning to serve outdoors. It’s sturdier and will stand upright consistently when folded.

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4th of July food tent cards instructions

Printable 4th of July Food Tent Cards
  1. Download the food tent cards printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Print on card stock and cut out where indicated using scissors or precision knife.
  3. Using a marker, write names of food on each card, [url href=”https://everydaydishes.com/creative-crafts/how-to-score-paper-diy/” target=”_blank” title=”How to score paper”]score[/url] and fold then place cards on table next to the appropriate dish.
Having a potluck? When guests arrive have them fill out the name of their dish themselves.

4th of July food tent card printable