It doesn’t take much time to create fun, brightly-colored accessories using your old clothes. Pick a retired, soft T-shirt from your closet (or your significant other’s T-shirt drawer) then grab a pair of scissors.

We loved making this craft! It didn’t take much effort to make and actually served as a relaxing activity. You can easily create a fabulous necklace while simultaneously catching up on your favorite primetime television.

It’s also a fun activity for the kids (think rainy days), and these T-shirt necklaces look great on everyone, just wait and see!

How to make a T-shirt necklace

how to make a T-shirt necklace
  • old T-shirt
  • scissors
  1. Cut off the bottom hem and the top part of the shirt, just under the arms, leaving the middle of the shirt to use for your necklace.
  2. Cut 1″ strips from one side of the shirt to the other. Don’t worry about achieving perfectly straight cuts—once you stretch out the strips, they will roll inward, hiding the unfinished edges, and no one will be the wiser!
  3. Gently stretch each loop of fabric so they’re similar in length. Set aside two loops. Gather the rest of the loops together, forming a necklace.
  4. Cut both reserved loops into long strips and use to wrap around the top part of the necklace, forming a band holding it in place. Tie in a knot to secure and you’re ready to wear your new necklace!
The thrift store is a great place to pick up soft old T-shirts if you don’t have any at the house!

T-shirt necklace