A lot of really great summer fun takes place poolside. Who hasn’t played “Marco Polo” or tossed the beach ball around with the kiddos? It’s also a great place to soak up the sunshine with good friends, cocktail in hand!

Since more fun is well, more fun, we are always looking for creative ways to enhance our poolside experience, and we’ve gathered some of Cheryl’s favorites to share with you!

From waterproof playing cards to sleek stainless steel torches, these pool finds will help keep the fun going all summer long.

our favorite poolside must-haves and activities

1. The Sonic Search

race against the clock The Sonic Search by Fundex Games is a dive and search sonar game. The objective? Listen for the beeps coming from the ball underwater, locate the ball and disarm the 60-second timer before it runs out and you win. This game is super fun for kids and will keep them active all summer!

2. Sea Glass Outdoor Drinkware

refreshments by the sea We are always on the lookout for outdoor tumblers that look like they belong inside. These sea-glass inspired melamine tumblers from Pottery Barn are dishwasher safe, BPA free, and you and your guests will be reminded of the ocean’s cool breezes with every sip.

3. Dog Pool Float & Lounger

fido likes to float too! A float to keep your furry friends cool this summer–in the pool or out–with a puncture resistant, ultra buoyant, Dog Pool Float and Lounger. As if your pooch isn’t spoiled enough, right?!  Do you think tortoises and bearded dragons would like it too? I’m guessing not as they are desert reptiles.

4. EcoXPro Extreme Audio Case

rugged protection Most people these days are never far away from their mobile devices–even when they are at the pool or the beach. Luckily the EcoXPro extreme audio case protects iPhones from splashing kids and sandy dogs, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about. It’s waterproof, it floats, and it fits almost every handheld mp3 device.

5. Pool Party Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards

dive & deal! Take your game of poker or go fish to the pool with you. We love these durable Pool Party Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards! They can be dealt, shuffled, and played with right in the water without any damage or sticking together. Why not take them inside with you as well? No more folded corners giving away your hand!

6. Ultra Kool Floating Tray & Game Board

checkers after lunch? This is such a great idea! The Ultra Kool Floating Tray & Game Board is a sturdy, reversible tray that goes right with you into the pool. Keep your lunch, drinks, and even a magazine on one side, and then flip it over for a rousing game of checkers or chess when you are done!

7. Soho Stainless Steel Torches

light up the night We love the sleek look of these Soho Stainless Steel Torches. They create a beautiful outdoor barrier for your entertaining area and keep bugs away at the same time. And unlike bamboo torches which deteriorate over time, this set can be used time and time again all season long!

8. DIY underwater obstacle course

hula hoop hoopla You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep the kiddos entertained in the pool this summer. All you need are a few old school hula hoops, waterproof weights, sandbags or dive rings, and nylon rope to make a DIY underwater obstacle course your kids will dive right in for!

Cheryl Says

Have fun at the pool, but always be sure to keep a close watch on the little ones!