Cheryl’s make-up kit contains all that’s needed to make eyes pop, lips glossy and cheeks rosy, but her true beauty regimen starts from the inside out.

You can spend a fortune trying to look fresh-faced and trendy, but these simple suggestions will have you looking like the best version of yourself overnight.

essentials for looking your best

1. hydrate

I know it sounds cliché, but dehydration is the quickest way to look tired and distressed. With summer coming up, we need to be extra conscious of drinking plenty of liquid (sorry, Diet Coke doesn’t count). And just like you, I am easily bored with plain old water.  Try adding ½ teaspoon ginger and a splash of lime juice to fizzy water for a refreshing summer sip.

2. sleep

Rest is a coveted commodity for those who are constantly on the go. Because the body repairs itself when you rest however, I’m serious when I say, “I need my beauty sleep.” While I’d love to drink a tall glass of wine to help me count sheep, I prefer to use natural melatonin mixed with chamomile tea, especially when I’m on the road.

3. avoid salt

Ever wake up with puffy eyes and face?  Salt is the likely culprit. I try to avoid processed foods and cured meat towards the latter part of the day, to give my body time to absorb my strict daily water intake. If I’ve succumbed to my weakness for potato chips and salted chocolate, I’ll execute a Preparation-H recovery session the next morning. Adding a little dollop of this top secret miracle crème under the eyes helps reduce inflamed tissue and reduces puffiness.

4. exercise

When I don’t carve out time in my schedule to workout, I’m not too pleasant to be around. I need the endorphins we get from exercise that keep me feeling and looking fresh throughout the day. If I can only spare 20 measly minutes with no time to shower, I will squeeze in a mini weight-training workout. While I love cardio, it makes my hair much more of a mess than lifting weights when I’m in a pinch. A quick and not-so-dirty shoulders and arms or legs and butt routine is better than nothing at all!

5. smile!

We all look better when we smile. If I’m feeling low energy and not myself, I force myself to add smiles to the day. Even if I want to scowl from morning to night, a cheerful facial expression ramps up your inner glow, and will put a positive spin on your spirit and those around you.