Calf Hair Loaferscomfortable and fashionable shoes for fall

1. sabrina loafers

A giant bear-roll-on-the-carpet ensued when we discovered Audrey Hepburn loafers circa Sabrina were prancing onto the scene. The Gap has come out with the wallet-friendly loafers in various colors and fabrics. Our favorite are the calf hair loafers in black with white polka-dots. Pair with a red jacket, white collared shirt and dark wash jean for a sleek Parisian look.

Pink Ballet Flats2. ballet slippers

We’re tired of stashing flip-flops in the back seat of the car for when our feetsies have logged too many hours in 3-inch heels. J.Crew to the rescue with the Classic Leather Ballet Flats – there are nine different colors to choose from, so you can have a pair for every mood.

Oxford Shoes3. the oxford

Oxford shoes emancipate women from the effort it takes to wear heels. Gone are the days when we’d prance through the grocery store in sky-high heels (after work), for the sake of scoring that much needed laundry detergent. Runway collections might be charged with unwalkable yet lustworthy pumps, but Oxfords get the job done while preserving femininity and style.

Women's Motorcycle Boots

4. motorcycle boots

Has anyone noticed Dr. Marten’s are making a comeback? While we typically react adversely about anything fashion-related from the ’90s, we’re open to bringing a little edge to our wardrobe. Let your wild side emerge with a pair of All Saints Damisi boots. They’re made from leather that gets better with age and are work-friendly with a dress and fitted blazer.

5. riding boots

Riding BootsRiding boots are a weakness. They’re flat, smashing dressed up or down, and if you get them a size larger than your foot, you can install cozy sole inserts which will leave you feeling like you just walked on the moon. The Frye Women’s Jenna Inside Zip Knee-High Boots are a favorite, the only question is, brown or black?

Cheryl Says

I love my man shoes (Oxfords). They’re super casual and a little edgy–just like me!