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The holiday season is fast approaching, and you may have already started working on your holiday plan of attack or even picking up gifts here and there for the folks on your ‘nice’ list. We’ve got two words for you that are going to make your life way easier this holiday season…Glue Dots! Those sticky little babies are a safe alternative to messy liquid glues, are super versatile and safe for the kiddos too!

This printable gingerbread house ornament is perfect for gift cards

Printable gingerbread house ornament

There is inevitably going to be a massive pile of gifts to wrap, right? You know the night we are talking about, the near all-night wrap-a-thon where you attempt to tackle the mountain of gifts in your living room armed with only a thin grasp of your sanity and a bottle of wine? Wait…that can’t be just us, right?

This year, while gathering all your supplies to tackle Mt. Present-Monjaro, be sure to leave the tape in the drawer and grab some super-handy Glue Dots instead. Perfectly sticky and easy to use, ready-to-go Glue Dots are just right for assembling our printable gift card boxes and party favors, they make gift wrapping seamless and attaching gift tags a breeze! Do you wrap your gifts in ribbon? Just place that sticky little dot in the right spot for a flawless presentation, and if you’ve ever thought of making your own bows you can check out this simple tutorial.

Printable pumpkin pie place card filled with treats

Printable pumpkin pie place card

Let’s not forget the decorating! Glue Dots also makes a heavy-duty line of life-saving dots that are perfect for hanging holiday décor like garland and mistletoe, and even for making repairs to treasured ornaments that didn’t store as well as you’d hoped in the off season. Our favorite way to use Glue Dots for the holidays? Getting that one pesky ornament that keeps hanging funny with its face toward the tree!

Simply put, there are an endless number of ways that Glue Dots can make your life easier this holiday season and beyond. Have a stubborn frame that insists upon hanging crooked on the wall or an area rug you’d like to stay put? Grab some Glue Dots and save the day. Pick some up today and see for yourself!

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